Still the Night

Still the Night

Still the night in Bethlehem
Still the night, still the night
Filled with light a newborn Son
Filled with light, filled with light
While Judah slept unaware
That the Saviour was born
In the stillness there

Glory to God
Glory to God
Glory to God
In the highest

Dark were the hills of David's land
In shadows they lay, in shadows they lay
Treacherous thoughts in Herod's heart
Wicked the day, wicked the day
While Bethlehem closed her doors
On the tiny child
Who was the law

Glory to God......

Celestial courts of heaven rang
With chords of joy, with chords of joy
Heavenly voices burst into song
A king yet a boy, a king yet a boy
Prophetic words fulfilled with might
A wonder appeared
On that still night

Glory to God.......

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