His Miracle

His Miracle

The summer sun in glory shines
Upon the earth and brings about a miracle
A miracle of beauty, a miracle of growth
A miracle of wonder to behold
But nothing can compare
With what he had to bear
He took away the sins of time
A sinless one who was divine
A miracle beyond sublime, for us

The Son, His love, in glory shines
And brings about the greatest of all miracles

The gentle rain which falls to earth
Reveals new life and brings about a miracle
The miracle of springtime, the miracle of birth
The miracle of splendour to behold
But when he comes again
Although we know not when
In wonder all His glory we
Will witness as we bow the knee
A miracle for all to see, our King

Our Saviour Dear, will reign o'er us
Lord help us all to bring about His Miracle.

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